French Montana Biography Family and Net Worth 2018

French Montana is an eminent name in music industry. It is his stage name that he adopted after becoming a singer before that he was called out as ‘Karim Kharbouch’, that’s his original name. This rap artist took baby steps initially for becoming a singer. Whatever he is today he earned it by his own as he didn’t take any assistance for polishing his inner skills for becoming a singer by joining any center and music academy. His few friends collaborated with him and then after receiving a marvelous response of his first music venture he felt encouraged and enthused.

French Montana childhood and family

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French Montana belongs to a small family consisted of his parents and two brothers. His father is known as ‘Abdella’ and his mother is named as ‘Khadija’. French Montana’s brothers are known as Zack Kharbouch and Ayoub Kharbouch’. He has no sister.

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French Montana Education

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French Montana discontinued his education when he was in High school. he got admitted in Lehman High School and Roosevelt High School. He didn’t attend the college and just started focusing on his music.

Personal life of french Montana

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French Montana has been hitting the headlines by being involved in so many affairs with various girls. The girl whom he got knotted was ‘Deen”. He married her in 2006 and in 2012 they split up. They have a son named “Kurz” who was born in 2009.

French Montana ethnicity

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The place where French Montana was born is Morocco. He was born in the capital of Morocco that is Rabat. Ethnicity of Moroccans remains controversial, as a group of people claim to have a descent of Arab-Berber and some claim to be Arab-Berber-Andulsian. Parents of French Montana are Moroccans and French Montana has a Moroccan and Somali ethnicity at the same time.

Biography of French Montana

French Montana took birth in Rabat on 9th of November in the year 1984. Montana was given a name of ‘Karim Kharbouch” and French Montana isn’t his original name its his stage name.

French Montana is related to family who was mediocre and was leading a tough life. He spent the early phase of his childhood in the valley of hills, Rabat, almost he spent 13 years there with his family. He grew up playing in the streets of Rabat with his brothers.

french montana biography - French Montana Biography Family and Net Worth 2018

For getting education he was sent to ‘Lehman High School’ and Roosevelt High School”, in both of the school he stayed for a little time and ended up his education by discontinuing going in the school.

French Montana wasn’t involved in too many activities, he had only two hobbies to get along with, one was soccer game and the other one was music.

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French Montana Biography – New york Migration to Creating Mixtapes

What he held up more firmly was music so the teen age French Montana made up his mind to go for it professionally and seriously.

For changing the tough circumstances Montana’s whole family moved to Bronx, New York. Abdella his father failed to live there any longer and finally he abandoned his family and went back.

In 2002 Montana launched his music career as a rap artist, he was at that time a teen-ager who took such a bold step of introducing himself as a singer. After cherishing a good response of his first DVD of songs he kept on working on mixtapes and albums.

French Montana net worth

When French Montana entered in music industry he was a young boy but within a reasonable time span he started generating a hefty amount through his music projects. He released several mixtapes and albums, some of them made a reasonable business and some of them worked great. Before beginning his music career, he tried to employ in a car-washing garage but after spending three days he discontinued his very first job. After this he made up his to just to be focused on his music

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French Montana net worth 2018

In 2018 it is speculated that French Montana’s net worth has gone to $10 million. It’s not just his albums and mixtapes that made him earn heavily rather he also earns through the endorsements deals and sponsorships. From a fashion brand “Pelle Pelle” French Montana earned a hefty amount. French Montana makes about $40,000 per show these things all together hike up his net worth consistently.

French Montana life style

French Montana when landed to New York from Rabat, Morocco he was nothing, the person who is a millionaire today whom we know as a famous rap star ‘French Montana’ began as an ordinary man “Karim Kharbouch”, it is a full-fledge journey that he traveled as Karim Kharbouch turned into French Montana. After collecting all the wealth and richness he deserved to live a comfortable and stylish life. After all he materialized his dreams by his own hard work and devotion. Today he is a living a ritzy life surrounded by all the modern comforts.

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French Montana Mansion

  • Mansion of Calabasas

This Calabasas mansion is a real eye-candy that sits on 8000 sq ft. This mansion has been designed in a Mediterranean way.   French Montana has purchased this mansion from Selena Gomez. It is said the Montana has paid 3.3 million USD for it. The main features of this mansion are huge swimming pool along with the out-door kitchen that contains an oven for pizzas, it is a brick made oven. In the territory of this mansion there is a guest house too. For car parking there are two garages.

  • Mansion of New Jersey

Another mansion that also belongs to Montana is situated in New Jersey. It sits on 6,134 sq ft. In the main features of this mansion are of its 5 stories + an elevator. So, the dwellers can roam around easily. It is said that French Montana has bought this mansion in USD 995,000.

French Montana car collection

French Montana doesn’t just enjoy the lavish dwelling rather he also cherishes the incredible rides that he owns, he has a car collection, lets have a quick look at each of them:

  • A Laraki Epitome
  • A Maserati Gran Turismo
  • A Rolls Royce Phantom
  • A BMW i8
  • A Rolls Royce Ghost
  • A Cadillac Escalade

Montana feels honored now to see his family in ease and comforts as his mother ‘Khadija’ toiled very hard for the living of her family, there is no doubt that she sacrificed most for her children in order to provide them wide opportunities of a better living.

Awards and achievements

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There is mixed opinion regarding French Montana music and style. There is a vast majority of people that like him and appreciate his singing and music, yet there are some who hold the opposite opinion and find his music a tedious one.

Anyways let’s put-aside all the opinions about him and get to know how many milestones French Montana has achieved so far

  • French Montana has earned ‘BET Hip Hop Award for Best Single of the Year’.
  • Montana has gained “Soul Train Music Award for Best Collaboration”.
  • French Montana has won ‘BET Hip Hop Award for Best Club Banger’.
  • Montana has earned ‘BET Hip Hop Award for Best Collabo, Duo or Group’.
  • French Montana has earned “Soul Train Music Award for Rhythm & Bars Award”.

Facts about French Montana

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  • French Montana holds one more name that’s his original name “Karim Kharbouch”.
  • French Montana left his education incomplete and just focused on music.
  • French Montana took the decision of becoming a musician in the age thirteen, wen he first time released his DVD he was a teen age boy.
  • French Montana besides being a singer is an entrepreneur too.

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French Montana is amongst those singers who established themselves in the industry quite successfully. He hasn’t just built a mountain of wealth rather he undoubtedly earned a huge recognition, appreciation and honor too. He always wants to add a spice of innovation in his work so he may not disappoint his fans. A teen age boy who came all the way from Rabat to Bronx turned himself into a millionaire by seriously pursuing his interest in music.

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