French Montana Biography – New york Migration to Creating Mixtapes

French Montana is a renowned name in music industry. He appeared in the horizon of rap music in the year 2002. French Montana is a CEO of Cocaine City Records. If we take a peak at the French Montana Biography then we get to know that he has worked with some great artists of industry, that made him earn a huge recognition and fame.

French Montana Biography

french montana biography schooling earned - French Montana Biography - New york Migration to Creating Mixtapes

French Montana birth day, date and Year

French Montana was born on 9th of November, 1984, he took birth in the surroundings of Rabat Morocco. He was born as “Karim Kharbouch” and “French Montana is his stage name. 34 years old young singer got himself established amongst the great names of music industry.

French Montana family

French Montana came from a mediocre family of Rabat, Morocco. He belongs to a small family consisted on few members, his parents and one younger brother. His father’s name is “Abdella” and mother’s name is “Khadija”. The younger brother of French Montana is called out as “Zack Kharbouch”.

French Montana Family

French Montana schooling

Going deep in the biography of French Montana, he has spent his first thirteen years of life in Morocco, in the valley of hills. As a child he attended two schools. First, he got admitted in “Lehman High School”, here he stayed for a short time span and then quit going there. Afterwards he attended “Roosevelt High School”, here too French Montana lived shortly and discontinued his education. He wanted to pursue music as a career that’s why this didn’t let him stay in the realm of education.

French Montana Education

French Montana interests

Since his early age of childhood French Montana was interested in sports like soccer, he was good at playing it, besides that French Montana was always an eager-beaver of rap music. He wanted to be a great musician when he was just a child.

French Montana migration to New York

After spending thirteen years in Rabat, French Montana’s family decided to move from Morocco, the reason behind this migration was to look forward for better living. The valley of hills wasn’t providing them the ample amount of opportunities. So, the whole Kharbouch family moved from Rabat to Bronx, New York in the year 1996. His father Abdella couldn’t adjust in the new ambiance and finally abandoned his family and that is where we see problems starting in the biography of French Montana.

French Montana Early Life – Childhood to Young French Journey

French Montana faced difficulties

The head of the family has abandoned the family forever, this put the whole family in great difficulty. French Montana’s mother was taking care of her family by solely depending upon the welfare. But she showed a remarkable sangfroid in those hard times. Until French Montana stepped in the realm of music.

French Montana began his music career

In the year 2002 French Montana launched his career as a rapper, at that time French Montana was a teen age boy. With the collaboration of his friend French Montana produced a street DVD under the title of ‘Cocaine City’. This DVD stabled his position as it brought him a positive feedback, it is said that particular DVD was sold out as hot cakes.

french montana schooling mixtapes albums difficulties - French Montana Biography - New york Migration to Creating Mixtapes

French Montana Mixtapes

It is important to mention in the bio of French Montana that he has worked on several mixtapes, the debut mixtape of French Montana was “French Revolution”, it was set to release in 2007. This mixtape was released under the collaboration of Jae Millz, Tonya Yayo and uncle Murda. After that Montana started working on his second mixtape “Live from Africa”. This smoothed his path of success and he went on releasing many mixtapes by teaming up with popular artists. Some of the great named he worked with are ‘Rick Ross, J. Cole and Jermih.

French Montana Songs and Albums

French Montana Debut album

Montana has released his debut album under the title ‘Excuse my French’ in the year 2013. It stood on the position of number four on the US Billboard of 200. It made a massive sale of 56,000 items just within 7 days of release. It is said to be the best of French Montana. Montana released his second studio album ‘Jungle Rules’ in 2017, it also went well and firmed his position. In this album great names appeared as a guest such as Travis Scott, Pharell Williams, Max B. and Young Thug.

French Montana achieved milestones

French Montana has conquered some great milestones, such as he has earned a “BET Hip-Hop Awards” for two times. His work and style are widely appreciated by his audience. He is always seemed so enthused about his work and that what is most liked about his style and singing.

French Montana survived from gun-shot

In 2003 French Montana got injured badly by a gun shot in head. Montana was going from a recording studio. It was a narrow escape, he was hospitalized for many weeks and then gradually the wounds healed up. He assumed that it was done by someone very close to him. 

French Montana Ethnicity and Nationality

French Montana earned heavily

By utilizing his talent and skill in a right direction he enabled himself to earn heavily, according to an estimation French Montana has released almost fourteen mixtapes, through his mixtapes and albums and all that endorsement deals he built a net worth of $8 million.

French Montana Net Worth 2018 – Income, Earnings and Value

So that was all about French Montana Biography and currently French Montana is single, as his marriage broke up many years ago, he has a son whose pic can be seen in one of the cover of his albums. He focuses on his work passionately and always want to bring something innovative from the sack for his fans.

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