French Montana Early Life – Childhood to Young French Journey

French Montana aka Karim Kharbouch was born in the year 1984. He opened his eyes in the surroundings of Rabat, Morocco. Talkiing about the early life to French Montana, he was raised up in a simple environment of a mediocre family. By religion he and his family are Muslims.


french montana early life childhood - French Montana Early Life - Childhood to Young French Journey

French Montana Childhood

Karim Kharbouch is the eldest child of his parents. He grew up playing with his younger brothers in the streets of Rabat. As a child he loved to play football and soccer, he was good at playing both, besides these sports a little spark of music also started lightening up in his heart.

Being a Muslim, he was fluent in Arabic language, besides that he was able to communicate in French too. His first thirteen years of childhood were spent in Rabat.

Migrated from Rabat to Bronx, New York

Karim lived 13 years of childhood in Morocco, after that his parents thought their family is growing and the place they were living in wasn’t offering better opportunities, so they must move some where they may have given better prospects. Eventually they decided to leave for Bronx, New York.

In the year 1996 he started a new life in new surroundings, the family faced a bit difficulty in adopting a new ambience. As the place they came from was totally different from the one they migrated to. Morocco, Rabat was the valley of hills, where as in Bronx, New York they were residing in congested apartments. Karim’s father “Abdela” felt the most difficulty in settling in there. To him the apartment was like pigeon holes.

Karim’s father left the family

Karim’s father couldn’t adjust there any-longer, he tried to convince his wife and Karim’s mother “Khadija”, Khadija didn’t listen to him, as she believed that going back to Morocco won’t solve any problem, rather it will increase the complexity of problems. Morocco can’t offer better standards of living and earning for their family. Karim’s father didn’t show any agreement and finally left the family by divorcing his wife.

Touch circumstances

After the father left things started getting tougher, his father stopped supporting his family in any way, nor he sent any funds to sustain their living, neither he ever came to visit his sons. This put the whole family in a tough situation. His mother lived that time by depending upon the welfare.

French Montana Schooling

French attended two schools, initially he attended “Lehman High School”, he studied there for a short time span and then left this school. He got admitted in another school named “Roosevelt High School”.

In school he faced trouble in interacting with mates because of the language, as he could only speak French and Arabic.

French Montana was a high school dropped and didn’t studied further.

French Montana at his first job

When French Montana reached to the age of 14 he found his mother struggling alone for their living. Time passed away and then French Montana got to find a job, the first job he got was of car washing. He managed to be on that job for hardly three days and then he just quit it.

French Montana stepped into the realm rap music

French Montana used to like rap music since childhood, he always used to have strong liking for it. when he couldn’t do any job because of lack of motivation and interest he decided to begin rap music.

French Montana came forward as a “Young French”

He initially came forward under the title of “Young French”, in this his buddy “Cams” has accompanied him. They both produce a DVD of their music. They worked on some songs and put their first project in pipeline.

Release of “Cocaine City”

This is what was in pipeline, the very first venture of their music “Cocaine City”. The feedback French Montana got from it was massive. It sold out as hot cakes, it was believed to be the hottest selling music of that time.

After the success of Cocaine City there were French Montana’s more friends came forward and joined him and then they altogether formed “The Coke Boys”.

That is how early life of French Montana faced some hitches and finally met his final destination “music”. He patiently travelled the road believing in himself that eventually he will be abled to appear on the horizon of success.

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