French Montana Education – Schooling till he discontinued the Education

French Montana is known as a great hip-hop artist who started with humble beginnings. He belongs to Rabat, Morocco but he became the rising star in America. His original name is “Karim Kharbouch” and French Montana Education was left incomplete which we will talk about in a while.

French Montana has two younger brothers with whom he shares a perfect bond of love. He spent his childhood with them. Spending thirteen years of long time span in Morocco he and his family moved to New York.


french montana education 1 - French Montana Education - Schooling till he discontinued the Education

Schooling and Education of French Montana

French Montana belongs to a mediocre family with a very simple life style. His family consisted on his mother Khadija and father “Abdela”, he has two younger brothers and no sister.

French Montana in “Lehman High School”

After getting migrated to a new place Bronx, New York, here he needed to get admitted in a school. French Montana attended two schools. First, he has been in “Lehman High School”. He spent a short time there and then left this school.

French Montana in “Roosevelt High School”

After leaving the first one now French Montana got himself admitted in “Roosevelt High School”, this school was situated in Bronx where he lived nearby.

Here too French Montana spent a little time and left the school soon. He discontinued his studies and didn’t pursue it further any more nor he attended any college.

French Montana discontinued his education

French Montana discontinued his studies, after discontinuing his studies, he just got himself busy in two favorite hobbies of his, one was playing soccer and the other one was playing football.

Besides that, his liking for rap music was growing each day, he didn’t try to complete his education and was realizing the fact that he wasn’t into it any more. His interests for sports and rap music started getting firmed because sports were giving him the opportunity to see the world on a larger scale as when once he visited Spain at that very moment he realized how delightful it is to see the unseen, to discover what wasn’t been discovered before by him.

Through he didn’t study and French Montana education was left incomplete yet he managed to become a star of Hip-Hop world, he is living a wonderful life and supporting his beloved mother in a perfect way, as she is the one who fought great battles for the better living of her children.

French Montana running a campaign for the Students

He didn’t take a high education but after becoming a biggest and famous star of Morocco he is a part of a campaign that aims to make better higher school graduation for the students. “We are the Dream” promises to assist the undocumented young students.

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