French Montana Ethnicity and Nationality

French Montana is a famous American musician and rap artist, this star appeared and born on the horizon of Morocco. Today he is considered amongst the eminent names of rap artists and we will talk about French Montana’s Ethnicity and Nationality in a while. French Montana began with humble beginnings and managed to stable himself in the industry, he successfully earned a recognition and became the founder+ CEO of ‘Cocaine City Records’.  Through out his music career French Montana allied with famous artists. His collaboration with Rick Ross and Max B made him earn a massive popularity.


french montana ethnicity nationality - French Montana Ethnicity and Nationality

Ethnicity of French Montana

French Montana is an American singer and musician but he was born in Rabat, Morocco. There are some contradictions regarding the ethnicity of Moroccans as some of the dwellers consider themselves as varied Arab-Berber ancestry where as some of them assume themselves as of ‘Arab-Berber-Andalusian’ descent.

As French Montana also belongs to Morocco so he partially belongs to Arab-Berber and holds a Somali ethnicity too. He himself made it clear that his parents are Moroccan and he besides being Moroccan has a Somali descent too.

Nationality of French Montana

French Montana born in Morocco and lived first thirteen years of his life in Morocco. After that the whole Kharbouch family moved to Bronx, New York, for bringing their lives into a comfort zone they migrated as Morocco was having confined and limited opportunities. So French Montana is Morocco national and American national as well.

French Montana is Sunni Muslim and he belongs to middle class family, he truly turned himself from rags to riches. He and his family faced tons of hardships and convolutions. His mother took a major stand for the family and stood firmed in the decision of staying in Bronx and not to come back to Rabat, Morocco. If they happen to come back they could never have a prosperous life. They spent years by depending on the welfare, his mother had to toil really hard for earning bread for her family. Now when French Montana got himself established he feels honored to serve his great mother because now she doesn’t need to strive any longer as his son has become a millionaire and can provide an excellent luxurious life to the whole family. So that was all about the Nationality and Ethnicity of French Montana.

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