9 Amazing Facts about French Montana You need to know

French Montana is known as a famous hip-hop artist who stabled himself in New York by migrating from Morocco. He always wanted to be a singer, in two fields he found himself good since a very early age, playing soccer and music. The inclination towards music was stronger so he chose to become a musician You are most probably reading this because of a die hard fan of this rapper so let’s also read some of the Amazing French Montana Facts. A teen age French Montana finalized the decision of becoming a singer and started pursuing it as a career along with the collaboration of his friends.

Facts about French Montana

french montana facts - 9 Amazing Facts about French Montana You need to know

1. Real name of French Montana

Montana’s original name is ‘Karim Kharbouch’, he named himself French Montana after getting in the field of music professionally.

2. Zodiac sign of French Montana

Montana birthday comes in the month of November, he was born on 9th od November, this makes him Scorpio.

3. Montana migration from Rabat

French Montana aka Karim Kharbouch belongs to Rabat, Morocco. He spent his early childhood in Rabat streets, the time that he spent in Morocco consists of thirteen years. Then he migrated to Bronx, New York with his whole family and settled there.

French Montana Early Life – Childhood to Young French Journey

4. French Montana’s father left the family

That is where the problems started as also mentioned in French Montana Biography. French Montana’s father abandoned the family after migrating in New York, the whole family enabled itself to adjust there but his father ‘Abdella’ couldn’t enable himself to adjust in totally a diverse ambiance as compare to Rabat, Morocco, so he eventually abandoned.

5. French Montana attended two school

French Montana has been to two schools in his early age. First, he attended Lehman High School and spent a very little time there and then quit that school then he joined ‘Roosevelt High School’ and here too he hardly spent some time and discontinued going there.

French Montana Education – Schooling till he discontinued the Education

6. French Montana produced first DVD as a teen age

French Montana when first time introduced his music and voice to others then he did this by producing a DVD with the collaboration of his friend. It did a great business at that time. This first musical venture was launched by a teen-age French Montana.

7. French Montana’s occupations

French Montana has multiple occupations, he is rap artist and a record producer besides that he is an entrepreneur.

French Montana Songs and Albums

8. French Montana claim to fame

French Montana claims to fame is his being a CEO of Cocaine City Records.

9. French Montana multiple affairs

French Montana also remains in lime-light because of being involved in multiple affairs. He has been involved with many ladies like Sophia Body, Rosa Acosta, Keyshia Dior, Trina, Jenna Shia, Darya Michele, Khole Kardaishians, Iggy Azalea and Alexis Sky.

French Montana Family – Father, Mother and siblings

9. French Montana towering height

French Montana is noticeably tall heighted, he indeed has a towering height of about 190cm that makes him look really cool.

French Montana Height and Weight

So, these are some of the amazing facts about the famous rap star French Montana. He traveled a journey of becoming French Montana from Karim Kharbouch with great dedication. He earned great recognition and fame and still is busy in getting the most of his music ventures.


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