French Montana Family – Father, Mother, brother, sister, spouse, kids

French Montana who is also known as Karim Kharbouch is a renowned hip-hop artist who is the creator of Coke Boys Records. He used to live with his family in the surroundings of Rabat in Morocco. French Montana’s family belong to a diverse ethnic background of Morocco and partially Somali. He belongs to a mediocre family. Montana is an American national. In the year 1996 he and his family migrated to New York, Montana’s father wasn’t satisfied living at the new place, he wanted to go back. For this he tried to convince his family but his wife didn’t agree so the father left them there and returned to the place from where they belonged, Morocco.  Montana and his are welling currently in South Bronx. His mother was bound to bank upon welfare as she has to look after her family.


french montana family father mother brothers sisters kids - French Montana Family - Father, Mother, brother, sister, spouse, kids

French Montana Father

Father of French Montana was named “Abdela Kharbouch”. After the separation of his parents he didn’t see his father for a long time. So, he doesn’t have as such a strong emotional bond with his father.

Mother of French Montana

French Montana’s mother is known as “Khadija Guled”. It is his mother who raised up the whole family after the father left them. French Montana is very much attached with his beloved and respected mother who remained with the kids in touch circumstances.

French Montana Siblings

French Montana Brothers

He has two siblings, French Montana is the elder amongst all. He has two brothers, both of them are younger than him. One is named as “Zack Kharbouch” and the other one is “Ayoub Kharbouch”. it is said that French Montana shares a strong bond of love and affection with his brothers. They too are always there for him in the hour of need.

French Montana Sisters

French Montana has no sister.

French Montana Affairs/relationships

French Montana is also famous because of the numerous affairs and relationships he has been into off and on. So, let’s have a look below at the number of relationships he developed with various women.

  • French Montana got in touch with the girl named Deen in 2000. For the time period of two years they both kept meeting and dating each other. Their intimacy grew up and they thought and made up their mind to get engaged. Their engagement stayed for three years and then they decided to get knotted.
  • In 2012 French Montana started getting inclined to another lady who was an American model named Sophia Body. Their intimacy stayed for three years and then ended up.
  • French Montana brought another girl in his life and that was too another American model named “Keyshia Dior”. This woman too touched his heart but didn’t remain on the horizon for much long.
  • The other lady whom he approached with intimacy was “Deelishis”, she was a part-taker in American Reality TV.
  • In November 2012 he got interested in a rap singer “Trina”. They both dated each other kept visiting each other after every often. Till 2014 they kept spotting each other but after that they split.
  • In the year 2013 French Montana approached “Jenna Shea” who was an American model by profession. Their intimacy soon disappeared before growing further.
  • French Montana showed his interest in “Darya Michele”, she made an appearance in a Reality TV show.
  • In 2014 French Montana started approaching the famous Kardashians, “Khole Kardashian”. At that time Khole was appearing as a part-taker in a reality TV show. By the end of 2015 this affair got expired.
  • There is a popular rap singer of Australia named as “Iggy Azalea”. He dated that singer almost for two months.
  • In the year 2016 he built terms with am American Model named “Alexis Sky”.
  • The last relationship he was into with was the lady named “Rosa Acosta”, she was a Dominican model.

French Montana Spouse/ex-spouse

Deen was the girl with whom French Montana got hitched after the engagement of three years. In the year 2006 they got knotted. They spent eight years together. In the year 2014 the couple spit up and divorced.

French Montana Kids

“Kruz” is the only child of French Montana, he is a son of Deen and Montana. Kruz was born in 2009.

Current marital status

Currently he has not been seen in any relationship thus his marital status is single

So that was all about his family, in his family his mother and brothers stand so eminent. It was his mother Khadija who migrated with the kids for the sake of better living opportunities. The family could only speak Arabic language and French language. So, “French Montana” bean to learn English language from his surroundings, in streets and from school.

In French Montana’s family it was his father who failed to adjust in the new surroundings, he was used to of Morocco hills and the congested apartments of New York wasn’t going down his throat. It was Khadija, his mother who compromised and was firmed to stay there. When his father let he was hardly 14 years old.

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