French Montana Height, Weight, Hair, Eye and Measurements

French Montana is an American singer and musician. His genre in music is hip-hop. He came all the way from Rabat, Morocco to Bronx, New York, though at that time it wasn’t in his mind that he will become a famous singer. French Montana height and weight are the reasons he looks really handsome. His hair and eye color also adds up some spice to his personality which we are going to talk.

After attending school for a short while French Montana Education didn’t get any further and left incomplete. All he was interested in was soccer and rap music. So, he made up his mind to just to give himself the direction of pursuing music as a career. First, he took an initiative by producing a DVD, that DVD went well and that is how his career of music began and became unstoppable. After getting into the realm of music he gave himself a stage name ‘French Montana’ and his original name is ‘Karim Kharbouch’.


french montana height weight measurements hair color eye color - French Montana Height, Weight, Hair, Eye and Measurements

French Montana Height

The height of French Montana is towering that makes him so eminent and attractive. The gigantic height of men is highly liked and considered a vital feature of their personality. French Montana too looks awesome because of his excellent height. He is almost 6 feet and 3 inches. In centimeters his height is of 191 cm.

French Montana Weight

Its not just his height that is so cool, apparently over all he looks robust and healthy. Men aren’t supposed to be a bag of bones.

  • Montana’s weight in kilogram

The weight of French Montana in kilogram is 89 kg

  • Montana’s weight in pounds

French Montana’s weight in pounds is 196.

French Montana hair color and eye color

  • Hair color

French Montana have an impressive personality, the color of French Montana’s hair is black unlike the majority of Americans. The color of Montana’s hair is black, that makes him look sober and decent.

  • Eye color

The color of French Montana’s eyes is brown, dark brown.

As far as the other features of his personality are concerned then let’s have a quick look at them:

Measurements of French Montana

  • Waist is of 33 inches and in centimeters its 84.
  • Chest is of 42 inches and in centimeters its 107.
  • Arms are of 13.5 and in centimeters its 34.

So French Montana aka Karim Kharbouch carries an awe-inspiring personality as he doesn’t merely have a tall gigantic height rather he has a robust personality that makes him look so dominant amongst others.


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