French Montana Net Worth 2018 – Income, Earnings and Value

French Montana who was born as Karim Kharbouch is a famous name in music industry, he came all the way from Rabat hills to New York with his whole family for seeking improved and healthier opportunities. French Montana Net Worth has been estimated around $8 million in 2018. Initially when Karim Kharbouch aka French Montana discontinued his education employed for car washing, there he worked hardly for 3 days and quit, his deep inner desire was to be a musician since childhood and periodically this desire started getting firmed day by day. When Montana produced the first DVD of his songs he was merely a teen-ager.


french montana net worth 1 - French Montana Net Worth 2018 - Income, Earnings and Value

French Montana Earnings and Net Worth 2014-16

Through out his carrier French Montana has created number of mixtapes and some studio albums, his voice and singing style quickly got a recognition on a larger scale. His album “Excuse my French” got positive applause and it brought him a reasonable success. According to an estimation it made a sale of 94,000 copies, this signifies that it made him earn a hefty amount. In 2013 he earned $1 million just from the record sales. By the end of 2014 he enabled himself to earn $1,140,000 through his work. In 2016 he used to earn $30,000 per show, for performing live shows he generated this amount. He produced two songs in 2016 one is “Lock Jaw” and the other one is “No Shopping”.

French Montana Net Worth 2017

This year called the most prosperous year for French Montana as the hustle-bustle of his music was at peak at that time. This year French Montana has produced and worked on number of songs. One of the song he created was “Jungle Rules” and the other one was “Hurtin Me”. By the end of 2017 his net worth was estimated as $8 million.

French Montana Net Worth 2018

Apart from music French Montana has also generated a revenue from the endorsements deals and sponsorships. For instance, there is a brand named “Pelle Pelle”, it is a fashion brand from which he earned a positive revenue.

French Montana generated $60,000 from a bet, he won a bet that was speculated against one of the rap artist Drake. The first thing that he purchased from his richness was a luxurious ride of white Rolls-Royce Ghost. In 2017 to 18 French Montana is generating around $40,000 for each show.

The current net worth of French Montana is $8 million in 2018 that is expected to hike up as he would be busy in working on his music and bringing something for his fans.

french montana earnings value income 2018 - French Montana Net Worth 2018 - Income, Earnings and Value

Lavish life style of French Montana

Through his music he is earning consistently, that is why now he is cherishing his life because of that massive wealth he accumulated over the years.

It is said French Montana owns a gigantic mansion that he purchased, it is of Selena Gomez and situated in the surroundings of California. This abode of French Montana is equipped with all the modern comforts and is extremely ritzy and stylish. He bought it in $3.3 million.

As far as the luxurious rides of French Montana’s are concerned then he owns BMW i8, Laraki Epitome and white Rolls-Royce Ghost.

So besides earning a great name, French Montana networth is also huge, it is said that his current net worth is almost $8 million. It is speculated that his earnings are going to hike up as he would be working on his music.

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