French Montana Race and Religion

French Montana aka Karim Kharbouch belongs to Rabat, Morocco. Rabat is a valley covered by beautiful hills. French Montana came from a mediocre family who was striving for better living standards, that is why later the whole family of French Montana migrated to Bronx, New York. Lets’ talk about French Montana Race and Religion in this article. Before him there is no musician ever came from his family, it is French Montana who was destined to become a rap artist. Now he is known as great Moroccan-American musician.


french montana race religion - French Montana Race and Religion

Race of French Montana

French Montana was raised up in the surroundings of Rabat, Morocco. Morocco is situated in North Africa. It is said that few of Morocco are black and there are some Moroccans who call themselves white. French Montana took birth in country. His father is named as “Abdella” and mother is called out as “Khadija”. So, French Montana is partially Moroccan and Somali as well. French Montana claims that he is black. The girl ‘Deen” whom French Montana once married was too black and thus their son is black too. When it comes to racism then there are lots of contradictions that can be seen in Moroccans, racism is a crucial issue there.

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Religion of French Montana

Though there isn’t much clear about French Montana Religion but it is said that he belongs to a Muslim family, thus he his religion is Islam. It is speculated that French Montana aka Karim Kharbouch is a practicing Muslim.

French Montana is very close to his family members, especially with his mother Khadija, as it was she who really showed a great courage and patience in the up-bringing of her children. As the father Abdella abandoned his family soon after migrating in Bronx, New York. French Montana couldn’t see his father for long time and happened to meet him after decades, the moment he met his father after a long time was a remarkable one and can’t be expressed in words. When French Montana moved to New York he couldn’t utter a single word of English, he was only able to speak either Arabic or French. He learned English by the passage of time.

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